guidelines for travellers

dear traveller,

thank you for participating in the worldwide media art project “networked_places.06”.

 please use the mini-dv tape to record a short portrait of 5-10 min length of yourself and the place you have travelled to. you can record anything you like, there are no further restrictions than the limited length of the recording. please send further text information about your person and a description of the place to info@networkedplaces.de to help to create this website. this is the only possibility how we can follow the travel of the tapes until they finally arrive at the end of the project.
see list of possible questions at the bottom of this page!

hand over the tape and the enclosed infosheet to the next traveller you meet - by the end when the tape is filled - there should be 6-10 places and people recorded onto the tape. the last traveller should send the tape back to the artist Christin Bolewski - Eichendorffstr. 2 - 50823 Cologne - Germany

please send an email to info@networkedplaces.de answering the following questions to create a personal portrait of your person and your recorded place on this website. if you like you can also send a still picture of your person and the place of your recording

information about your person
name, address, email, age, religion, believe, nationality, family, profession, passion, how do you life 

information about the place of recording
place of recording and country, date of recording, camera person
what does the recording show, what can be heard
what is special to the location, why did you choose the specific place
how are you connected to the place, does it have a special meaning to you
what happened at your location / in the country at the day of recording

information about your travel
what is the purpose of your travel, how long is your trip, what other places are you visiting during this trip
do you travel alone or with friends, family
how do you describe the way you are travelling, are you backpacking, where do you stay during your travel
how much money do you spent on an average day of travel and on what
which other places in the world have you visited at other times, what did you do in your last vacation
why do you travel
are you interested in other cultures and lifestyles, why, are you interested in global issues 

information about the next traveller
where and how did you meet the next traveller that you gave the tape to
what is his/her name and email
do you know where he/she is travelling to

why are you interested in the project, what do you like about the idea of the project
whishes to the world, personal commentary

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networked_places.06 is a worldwide media art project by christin bolewski initiated at tonsai beach, krabi, thailand, 26th dec 2005

15 video tapes have been handed over to travellers to record the places of their travel in order to create a network of worldwide travelling people and places