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Von: kb@art2b.net
Betreff: Tape from Hongkong
Datum: 27. Mai 2006 09:33:33 MESZ
An: info@networkedplaces.de

information about your person:

Kerstin Bergmann

Address in Germany:
Salierring 11
D-50677 Köln
Address in China
Dongcheng District
Nan Chizi
Pudusi Hutong Houxiang 6, No 006
10006 Beijing

e-mail: kb@art2b.net

Age 40


To live is the greatest luck of all and I try to get the biggest bite out of it!

information about the place of recording:
Before moving to China I stopped over at one of my Best friend's who has been living in Asia for almost 10 years. She moved to Hongkong 4 years ago where she is living with her Canadian husband and her two kids.

On one evening end of March 2006, I filmed their ordinary very lively family life, as it could take place anywhere else, but turned the camera in the end outside of the window, revealing where this family life takes place, on the 20th something floor in one of Hongkong skyscrapers. To me, who I've known her now for more than 20 years, her life there in this expat community seems to be so different from a family's life in Europe that I wanted to capture it with the camera.

information about your travel
I wanted to take a time out from my normal life and therefore decided to go to live and work in China. I studied Chinese at university in the 80ies and 90ies, but never actually worked there. Beijing I find fascinating on some days and repulsing on others. It's up and down. Everybody's determined pursuit of money seems to cover any other possible aspect of life. I come
more and more to the conclusion that money here is seen as simply another word for happyness. The Chinese economic miracle can also be seen in other Asian countries where oversea Chinese are living, as in Vietnam, Thailand,
Philipines etc. The fast growth of Beijing's "modernity" is frightening. I have the feeling that the city should halt for a moment, take a deep breath (which is not recommended here on most days) and think about the direction they are taking before running on.

I don't know how long I am going to stay. There are certainly nicer places to be in the world, but the fascination which actually made me enroll in the Chinese department at university in 1985 is still there - and the food here always manages to make up for a stressful day with traffic jams and pollution.

Before I go back to Germany, I would like to travel to Mongolia and the far West of China. And then I will look forward to a nice holiday in Tarifa, south of Spain!

I haven't passed on the tape yet, because I do not meet many travellers, maybe I give it to a friend from Marocco who's been living here now for 15 years and will go back for a holiday.

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