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Von: jonfowler1@yahoo.com
Betreff: Semi-bad news
Datum: 26. April 2006 18:54:39 MESZ
An: info@networkedplaces.de

Okay, I am embarrassed to admit that...........

I lost the tape. I know, I suck. Unbelievable. So much so, that I refused to believe it and have been looking for it LITERALLY all over the country(US). I am back in the states now however. I have printed out the instructional sheet you originally provided with the original tape (from the website) and plan to pass on one of my personal tapes from my trip. The initial 10-15 minutes of footage are not as good as what I had on YOUR original tape, but it IS of Southeastern China. I live in a tourist town in the US and this area may work well with the project. I do apologize for my untimeliness and am happy to have been involved in the project none-the-less. I will fill in the next person on details of the project and try to keep it moving along, as well as fill in the data you requested.

Thank you and good luck with the project. It is a WONDERFUL!!! idea...!!!

Jon Fowler

Von: jonfowler1@yahoo.com
Betreff: Re: networked_places_06
Datum: 8. Mai 2006 20:58:09 MESZ
An: info@networkedplaces.de

Hello. Here is the information you requested for the tapes!

information about your person
Jon Fowler
4121 Iona Street
Titusville, FL 32796

I am a climbing guide and Bartender in Fayetteville, West Virginia for the Spring, Summer, and Fall Tourist Seasons. This will be my fourth season as a guide. This seasonal position allows me to have winters off to travel and see the world in order to learn about other people, places, and cultures. Although I do not follow any specific religion, I do believe in higher spiritual powers and do not think Man can define these through religion or science. My passions lie in outdoor recreation as I have enormous respect for the environment in which I live and therefore choose to be involved and immersed in that environment. I feel that understanding one's environment can help one understand the energies that govern that environment - THAT is my religion.

information about the place of recording
The recording is at a place called Low Mountain in Yangshuo, China (Southeastern China). It was recorded in early March 2006. The recording shows myself and a group of friends from America and the UK going climbing in one of the rural areas outside of town. It shows the local people and the agriculture that supports them. It also shows some of the ruins where some individuals used to live in the mountain. (and maybe still do). The ruins were built around caves which were lined with a type of dried grass. The tempurature inside the cave was about 20 degrees (F) warmer than the outside air temp (outside air temp about 10 degrees (C)). The recording shows how climbing allows us to learn about and become closer to the type of environment which supports humanity. Without these remote, rural places to provide and grow food and water, we do exist. It is the backbone of our livlihood. While in China, I learned about subtle differences in types of government, along with pros and cons of each type (Democracy/Socialist, Capitalism/Socialism) through involving myself in one of the local colleges which focussed on teaching English. We chose Yangshuo because of it's available climbing and probably would not have gone there otherwise.

information about your travel
My trip to Southeast Asia ended up being 3 months and started with an open-ended return ticket. The purpose was to use climbing to lead our travels to discover and learn about the local culture. The trip originated in Thailand and then moved across Cambodia, up the coast of Vietnam, then into Southern China. The trip started with a group of 5 friends, then morphed into just myself and 1 friend while the others stayed in Thailand. We backpacked the entire way and traveled by land all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam, then flew to Hong Kong for logistical reasons, staying at inexpensive hotels/guesthouses the entire way. We spent about $15 US / day while we were in Asia. I learned more than I ever could have expected to learn while in Asia - simply by looking around and reading an occasional newspaper. One can choose to stay at a resort and be removed from global issues and return home empty handed, or one can stay in local villages, talk to local people (which is very difficult due to a language barrier), and walk through the markets in an effort to understand new cultures, forms of government, and and local and international commerce.

information about the next traveller
I met Chris in Fayetteville, WV once I finally got back to the States and got settled in. I had a very difficult time finding someone to hand the tape to. Either no one had a camera, or it was not the first thing on my mind - therefore causing me to miss the golden moment and opportunity to pass the tape to someone. I know Chris through climbing here in WV.

I am always interested and supportive of creative, media-type projects. I think they imperitive to showing multiple perspectives and lifestyles. I encourage diversity and uniqueness. However, I did not fully understand how the tapes would be compiled and what function the end result would serve. Is it a documentary? a personal project of curiosity? or an effort to increase travel awareness? etc?

I wish you all the best on the project and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Good Luck,
Jon Fowler

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networked_places.06 is a worldwide media art project by christin bolewski initiated at tonsai beach, krabi, thailand, 26th dec 2005

15 video tapes have been handed over to travellers to record the places of their travel in order to create a network of worldwide travelling people and places